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Bonnie's book

Cancer Warriors,

52 Devotions for Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them


My hope is that you are encouraged while you walk along your own or a loved one's cancer journey. 


Praise for

Cancer Warriors

"Cancer Warriors reminds me of how frightening the cancer journey is even when  the outcome is successful as in your case. As physicians we sometimes forget the fear and anxiety that people feel and how brave they are. We are so focused on the technical aspects of treatments. Thank you for writing it, it reminds to consider how people perceive what is happening which helps me be a better doctor.  I hope it is inspirational to others going through this."

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-Dr. Rene Gonzalez

Professor of Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine

“You have so eloquently captured the array of emotions experienced through the cancer journey,
but most importantly, you have captured the essence of hope! This common thread of hope is
something I witnessed in all of my amazing cancer warriors and ends up being the very thread
they often cling to during the darkest days of the journey. This devotional will be a vital
reminder of the power of hope for all those walking this difficult journey. Thank you for pouring
your heart into this so that so many can be inspired!”


-Sara Gause

PA-C, MS in oncology, founder of Awaken CARE,

"Bonnie’s honest and forthright style draws the reader into her journey through the pains, fears, frustrations and hopes of dealing with cancer. Her honest and forthright style kept me glued to the pages and believing that God truly walks with us even through the worst of life’s trials.” 


-Roy Hanschke

Author, Speaker and Christian Radio Personality


Cancer was a stranger to me 

Until I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. 

Joy was a stranger to me 

As I struggled with the grief of a truncated life span. 

God became a stranger to me 

As I screamed, “Why?” and got no answer. 

After four years of treatment, 

Cancer became a constant but unwelcome companion. 

Joy visited occasionally 

With days of lessened fatigue, visits from friends, and sunny weather. 

God never left.

-Bonnie Doran

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Cancer Warriors

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"Bonnie Doran spent several years researching and writing “Dark Biology,” a science-fiction thriller that blends medicine, astronautics, family dysfunction and faith.

The novel, published in 2013, drew praise from fellow sci-fi writers. But a few months later, Doran’s own biology took a rather dark turn.

A bleeding mole launched her into another long journey: this time into a battle with metastatic melanoma, a malignant skin cancer. She underwent two surgeries and ultimately was referred to Rene Gonzalez, MD, a clinician at the CU Cancer Center’s Melanoma Clinic and one of the world’s top experts in the field.

“When I first met him, I didn’t want to ask how long did I have to live,” recalls Doran, who lives in northwest Denver with her husband, John, and two cats. “So I asked, ‘What’s your goal in treatment?’ and his answer was, ‘To cure you.’” 

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