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Countdown to book launch! This cute #2 cat should have been on the last email but two things happened. One, my book cover came in and I had to share it. Love it! The second thing was my fault. The program I use for email marketing allows three emails a month. I think I sent one without choosing recipients so the program sent it to the ether. I had to wait till December 1 to send another one. Sheesh! I'll get the hang of this someday. Today (November 30) I got an email from the operations director at Illumify (my publisher) who's ready to upload my novel files to the printer and to Kindle. I'll meet tomorrow with the people at Behind the Scenes, the venue for my official book launch on January 15. Tonight was the Christmas party for Writers on the Rock. I enjoyed connecting with other writers which I haven't done since the pandemic except for a one-day conference this year. But out of the blue, I got a Facebook friend request from a writer friend. Pleasant surprise. Except it was spam. I found the real guy. I'll keep you up to date as I get more info. Email me if you get impatient. Can't wait! Bonnie


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