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I’m Bonnie, an author and cancer survivor.

I’m also a Mad Scientist’s wife. My husband of thirty-eight years works with lasers for a living and owns a 2,300-pound electromagnet.

We live in Erie, Colorado, with a Siamese cat who thinks she owns us.

My newest adventure, Terror on Targus Three, centers on the first-discovered alien race and a linguist who’s not up to the task of working with them. It doesn’t help that someone in the human settlement is sabotaging her efforts.

My first science fiction novel, Dark Biology, is partially set on the International Space Station with a deadly virus on the loose.

My devotional book, Cancer Warriors: 52 Devotions for Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them, is based on my experiences battling melanoma.

I enjoy writing (most of the time), wine, cooking, reading, and watching old science fiction movies. 

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NEW! Terror on Targus Three

A large assembly of Targ, the first alien race ever encountered, has approached the settlement. Do they intend good or ill? A young linguist's attempts to establish a dialogue only make the aliens angry. Meanwhile, a saboteur is busily destroying the colony's supplies and fostering fear.


Before the situation escalates into an interstellar war, the linguist must discover who is doing these things...and why!


Cancer Warriors

In 2014, Bonnie Doran began her long journey to fight cancer. When her treatments were complete, she didn't feel relief at being done-she felt done in. But with God's help and the encouragement of loved ones, she not only survived... today she thrives. 

In Cancer Warriors, Bonnie Doran offers cancer patients and their loved ones

  • Encouragement to continue the journey

  • Insight on how God can redeem their cancer

  • Understanding of their loved one's suffering

  • Hope in the dark

Her fifty-two inspirational devotions will make you laugh, cry, and hopefully find fresh meaning in your pain.


Dark Biology

Renowned vaccinologist “Hildi” Hildebrandt has set her sights on beating her brother to a Nobel Prize, and the opportunity to conduct experiments on the International Space Station might just provide the means to obtain that goal.

Chet Hildebrandt should have had that opportunity. But now he’ll teach a lesson to them all: his hot-shot astronaut sister, his philandering hypocritical father, and the CDC for not properly appreciating his work. One vial of a virus purloined from the CDC labs and released at his father’s marriage seminar should do the trick, without hurting anybody. After all, it’s only a mild influenza strain…

Or is it?

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