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I'm frustrated. Twice I've loaded prose onto this newsletter and it's disappeared. Grr.

Here's my latest writing progress:

  • My copyeditor sent me my marked-up manuscript. I procrastinated on going through it until he gently reminded me he wanted it back. I became an editing demon and finished it on Friday, October 1, at 11:00 am.

  • The publisher sent me a form to sign that I approved of the edited manuscript and would only make minor changes when I got the typeset version.

  • I'm waiting for the typesetter to send me the novel to proofread.

  • I have my cover art! I'll post it when I get a jpg.

In other news:

  • After turning in the manuscript, I left for a yoga retreat for the weekend. I feared that after four practices, I'd barely be able to hold a downward facing dog. I actually got better! The retreat was an uplifting time as I reconnected with friends.

  • My kitchen is done! Now comes the hard part: putting all the stuff that languished in boxes for six weeks back in the cupboards. But where? I have more cupboards than before. I can find a use for them, I'm sure.

  • Hubby and I have taken two flights in his Cessna. The colors in the Colorado mountains are still turning. We saw I lot of golden aspen and a beautiful sunset.

Let me know if you've seen any of the turning aspens and where.

Till next time!



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