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Mad Scientist's Wife

Why do I say I’m a mad scientist’s wife? Let me explain.

The Denver Mad Scientists Club is a loosely organized group of people who geek out when anyone talks about computers, circuit boards, etc. My husband is an electrical engineer and member in good standing.

The above photo is not of my husband’s workbench (he’s very organized) but belongs to someone well known in the industry. I have a jigsaw puzzle made from it. Wild, huh? I tried to put it together but quickly lost interest between tangled wires and my cat’s help.

These guys also like science fiction. While I don’t understand the theory of wormholes in space to provide faster-than-light travel, they do. Full disclosure: I changed a few things about the theory to make it fit the story.

As promised, here’s a deleted scene from my new novel, Terror on Targus Three. I hope to use it in a sequel.

A man in the booth behind Ed and Nellie craned his neck. “I couldn’t help but overhear you talk about wormholes. I can give you all the details.”

“Please do.” Deanna invited him over. The man stepped in front of them and planted his feet like a lecturing professor. Sandy, crew-cut hair stood at attention, an odd result of microgravity. He wore a gray, IU jumpsuit. An officer?

“Well, the technical term is Einstein-Rosen Bridge. You see, when you have two quantum-entangled spaceships that are hundreds of light years apart, they can use artificial-gravity fields to create a resonance in space-time that will form a temporary wormhole between them. They pass each other at half-light speed in a reciprocal path. That keeps the wormhole stable.”

That’s enough techno-talk for now.

Now for novel news. Publication date is November 14, or December 14 if there are supply-chain issues. I have my copy-edited manuscript in my inbox for me to work on. It'll be crazy time until this babe is in print.

Feel free to contact me if you know about wormholes.



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